Bartlett UCL – Student Exhibitions

Selection of Bartlett Summer Show by BSc Unit 9 Architecture Students

Every summer, over 600 Bartlett students exhibit their work at The Bartlett Summer Show, one of the biggest annual student architecture shows in the world.

Under the guidance of tutors Chee-Kit Lai (director of Mobile Studio Architects) and teaching partner Jessica In (2015 – current) and M.Dewdney (2008 – 2014) undergraduate architecture students (BSc Unit 9) work as a team at the end of every academic year to design and deliver their show space.

Selection of BSc Unit 9 student work:

Please see BSc Unit 9 student awards including SOM Foundation Fellowship Prize, RIBA Bronze President’s Medal nominations, iGuzzini Lighting Prize, Narinder Sagoo Drawing Prize, Donaldson Medal, etc.

Chee-Kit Lai is also (acting) Director of Exhibitions at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL.


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